CovidGyan is taken an initiative of community engagement for wider dissemination of its content, resources, research analysis, conversation with experts, etc. As of now, CovidGyan has worked with scientists, researchers, public health experts, academicians, etc. With this new venture, CovidGyan is looking forward to collaborate with school, college students and teachers for expressing scientific content related to COVID-19 in creative ways.

Announcement for Poster Designing and Science Fiction Story Writing Competition (Online)

Submission Guidelines

Themes for poster competitions
 My classroom / my lab during the pandemic
 Handling of myths, hoaxes in the pandemic
 Earth is healing
 Innovations during the times of COVID-19

Themes for science fiction story writing competitions
Life in COVID-19
 My classroom / my lab during the pandemic

 The posters can be designed as a hand-made painting, drawing or sketch or even designed on computer using graphics. Write the theme chosen for the poster as the title.
 The size of the poster can be in A3 or A2.
 Poster to be uploaded as an image file of size upto 10MB
 Submit Poster using this link

Science Fiction Stories
 Participants are encouraged to write as story, dialogue, narrative, etc. along with illustrations, upto 1000 words
 Participants can submit hand written entries which are to be scanned and submitted as a document.
 Entries to be submitted as a PDF file upto size 5-10 MB
 Submit the science fiction story using this link

Submission Date
 Last date of submission -- 30th October 2020

Evaluation Criteria
 The submission entries will be evaluated for its novelty, creativity, imagination, scientific accuracy
 The submission entries will be evaluated by scientists and academicians from TIFR, NCBS, IISc, HBCSE.

 The submission entries / selected entries can be published on the CovidGyan website.
 Participants can be awarded with certificate from CovidGyan