WebGyan series-From Volcanoes to bicycles: Roles and responsibilities for inventing in crisis mode

Event date and time: 
Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 18:00
Dr. Manu Prakash will be talking about inventing as scientists during times of crisis, drawing from his own lab's work at Stanford.

A volcanic eruption of 1815 and its aftermath prompted the invention of a bicycle. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the world into a global crisis. As scientists, how do we grapple with new roles and responsibilities that are on our shoulders, in a devastating crisis that is far from over? As a lab that traditionally works on developing frugal science-based solutions for medical problems in resource-constrained environments, we find ourselves exploring ways to invent our way through the current challenges, guided by needs identified by global community partners. Via a few examples, I will briefly describe our timeline from invention to implementation in crisis mode - using four projects as quick case studies.

Covid Gyan