WebGyan | Vaccine Hesitancy


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the world into a global crisis. Though it's been a year since the authorisation of the first vaccine, the challenges and responsibilities are not at an end. How do we grapple with this devastating crisis that is far from over? Join us, as we discuss a major issue — vaccine hesitancy, a term to refer to the refusal or intentional delay in getting vaccinated. Prof. Gagandeep Kang will discuss her experiences with vaccination, vaccine hesitancy studies, and the current situation. Sangeeta Iswaran, social worker and dancer (Katradi), will share her experiences regarding this issue. Prof. Sandhya Koushika (TIFR, Mumbai) moderates this much-needed conversation on vaccine hesitancy. As Prof. Gagandeep Kang shares, the way we get through this pandemic is with vaccines.