Is there a vaccine for COVID-19?

Aswin Seshasayee, NCBS-TIFR;  Mohak Sharda, NCBS-TIFR, Archit Sharda, Srishti School of Design

Medical professionals and scientists are testing a variety of current drugs and vaccines for efficacy against the novel coronavirus. Among the treatment options being considered are drugs normally used to combat HIV, influenza, and malaria, at times in combination with antibiotics to prevent bacterial superinfection. Results of such research are coming in fast. Basic research on how the virus interacts with human proteins can also help identify drugs and vaccines. These are, however, initial indications, and the efficacy of these drugs will need more time and trials to be validated. Therefore do not consume medications not recommended by your doctor.

Research to develop COVID-19 vaccine is proceeding at an unprecedented speed

[Last update 11 May 2020]