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WebGyan- Dr. C. S. Pramesh: Has COVID-19 research set back evidence-based medicine?

In this COVIDGyan session, Dr. C. S. Pramesh, the Director of the Tata Memorial Hospital, will address the topic: Has COVID-19 research set back evidence-based medicine?
The COVID-19 pandemic has spread to all countries of the world. With over 11 million people infected worldwide and over half a million deaths, it is a public health emergency. Justifiably, researchers globally have scrambled together a large volume of research addressed at various aspects of the disease including it's treatment. Desperate situations call for desperate solutions; however, compromising standards of therapeutic research could result in serious harm. In this talk, Dr Pramesh will describe how the tenets of evidence-based medicine have been frequently violated, and warns against accepting diminished standards of biomedical research into the pandemic.
In case of any issues, please join the live stream on the COVIDGyan Youtube channel.

Sundowner Session on News Fatigue

Join Dr. Karishma Kaushik, Prof. Krishnaveni Mishra, and Prof. Vinod Vidwans as they share their experiences with News Fatigue: a phenomenon of being overwhelmed by information about one topic, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We’d love to have your perspective on the consequences of nonstop news on our well-being too!
6pm | 26 June, Friday

Inside a lab growing Corona virus

CSIR - Centre for Cellular and Molecular biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, is growing the Novel Corona Virus to find a potential cure or vaccine for Covid-19. Somdatta Karak from CCMB provides a first hand peek inside one such laboratory.

Sundowner Session on Scicomm: What’s the new normal?

About the Event

Dr. Karishma Kaushik (Pune University), Kollegala Sharma (CFTRI), and Prof. R Ramanujam (IMSc) discuss Science Communication, and how they envision the role of scicomm in India with the COVID-19 pandemic and going forward.

WebGyan series : City-scale agent-based simulators for the study of COVID-19 spread

Dr. Manu Prakash | From Volcanoes to bicycles: Roles & responsibilities for inventing in crisis mode

‘Vaccines for the 21st century’: Webinar by Dr. Gagandeep Kang